Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

Simple yet gorgeous ring!

Inspired from a classic wedding ring, I tried to make one!
It's not expensive at all! What you need : Glue, fake diamonds (round or square is up to you), ring and pliers
If you want to make with the round shape you should follow the step above, but if you want to make the square shape diamonds you just glue it to the plate on the ring (don't take it off)..

Love, ^^

Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

Word Cushion

Word Cushion
Canvas Material | Bordir Application | Silicone Cushion

Order untuk ulang tahun ke 4 Sungai Yordan Youth Ministry A, GBI
Information & Order :
0821 99 132231 | | Twitter | Facebook

One month old Baby Souvenirs! Happy one month old Clift :)

Rainbow choco jar

Blue and Owl theme Baby Souvenir Package
Happy one month old Clift!
Owl plushie 25x25cm | Rainbow Chocolate Jar | Lollipops | Card

Thanks and congratulations to Ko Eric and Ci lia
Pesanan 45 package souvenir ini cukup bikin deg-deg an juga karena 1st time buat yang untuk baby, dan dengan waktu yang cukup mepet juga hehe
tapi Thanks God bisa selesai :)

Information & Order :
0821 99 132231 | | Twitter | Facebook